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Welcome To Chippewa Vinyl Decals


We Guarantee you will receive decal undamaged  or we will ship it again at no cost to you. 



All orders that come in on Fridays will be sent out on Mondays mail.

If you are having any problems placing a order let us know and we will e-mail you an invoice, Some people find it easyer to do it this way. 


New  Decals



12/11/17 Added More Skull Decals To Line Up

12/12/17 Added More Mask Decals To Line Up

12/22/17 Added More Gorilla Decals to Line Up

1/7/18 Added More Bow Huntting Decals To Line Up

1/10/18 Added More Military Decals To Line UP


Largest Selection Of Skull Decals On Line 

(Pay Pal Or Credit Card)


You can pay for your decals by using

Pay Pal or Credit Card.

As you check out, this is what will happen,

You will go to the Pay Pal web site. At this point you can log into Pay Pal. If you have an account you can begin your check out, if you do not have a Pay Pal account, check box indicating you do not have an account and a Credit Card information window will open. At this point you can begin your check out and pay by Credit Card for your items.



  We are the only decal company to ship  decals with a  protective covering. This will eliminate any damage being done to your order while being shipped to you. 


You asked for it, you wanted more colors we brought you more colors.below are all the colors we have available  but If there is a color you want let us know we can make it happen for you. We are in the process of adding them to the existing decals if we have not added colors to the one you want let us know in comment area when ordering and we will make it happen.  

smileysmileysmiley**Vinyl Colors**smileysmileysmiley


*** Important***

When ordering a decal and the new colors are not listed yet please write in comments your color and list it as important. We are sorry for the inconvenience we will try to get them all up ASAP.


We try to put up decals that we think are popular with our customers, we hope you enjoy browsing through them and would love your feed back. Let us know what you like or something different you would like to see, we can add more to our line up TBergevin@chippewavinyldecals.com

Sincerely Todd Bergevin (CEO) 


We would like to get more Reviews from our customers. If you like our site let us know, The Reviews are the only way we can improve our services or see where we need to improve.To write a review, They are located at the bottom of the page on all decals Pages,

Thank You.


Thank you Returning customers for your support we really appreciate it.


      We also customize all of our decals or you're uploaded images. You can add a decal to another decal or mix and match to make you're own. Alot of the decals you see are set up to add to other ones, The one time fee also includes the decal the extra cost will be the size of the decal you order. customization  starting at $10.00 for this service of customizing an exsiting decal remember that includes the decal, 15 text characters are included with all decals, anything over 15 characters there will be a charge of .50 per character. If there is a font you want to use let us know you can also check out fonts at www.dafont.com to see what you like. 

 Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have in regards to our website .  



Biggest Vinyle Decal Sale Ever - Friday December 22, 2017

Biggest Vinyl Decal Sale Ever

All decals are on sale 2.00 off on all decals 


Follow Us On Facebook! - Tuesday September 13, 2011

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and more.

Our Price $4.00
Iron Cross Sons Of Anarchy Decal  SOA5152
Iron Cross Sons Of Anarchy Decal SOA5152
Our Price $6.00
Scary Clown Decal  CL2062
Scary Clown Decal CL2062
Our Price $5.00
Rottweiler Decal DO1072
Rottweiler Decal DO1072
Our Price $6.00
Indian Cheif Skull SK2013
Indian Cheif Skull SK2013
Our Price $4.00

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